Realtime Automatic Geomembrane Integrity Monitoring

leak detection system installed on a landfill site result from a fixed leak detection system showing damage position

Sensor CMS is the most sophisticated version of Sensor's online systems. It was developed with a focus on 24/7 real time monitoring with fully automated precision damage location. There is no manual intervention necessary CMS will simply report the existence and position of damage immediately. The fully automated nature of CMS allows the client to have complete independence from the system supplier.

Sensor CMS consists of two main parts: the robust field components, which can be exposed to local environmental conditions such as extreme weather and hazardous chemicals; and the control panel, which can be located within a site building, or in a special kiosk.

On very large sites, a network installation approach can be adopted, consisting of a master control panel along with a series of local slave panels at different locations around the facility. Sensor CMS systems can be connected as a group to the 'Sensor Cloud' where they can save data and site records and receive software updates automatically.

Advantages of Realtime Automatic Geomembrane Integrity Monitoring:

  • Live alerts by SMS & Email, to any person specified by you
  • 24/7 control
  • Rapid resolution of leaks
  • Security against tampering by vandals / terrorists
  • Immediate discovery of liner damage
  • GPRS / 3G / Broadband connectivity
  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Permanent confidence that the liner is not leaking
  • Extends life of any installed liner