Damage Detection System

Sensor (UK) Limited designs, supplies and manages highly accurate electronic leak detection & location systems to clients within the UK, Commonwealth and Middle East.

Active in markets wherever waterproofing exists Sensor has developed a range of different systems to detect, locate and monitor for leaks in waterproof liners and geomembranes.

The SENSOR DDS® family are tools for our detection, location and monitoring services used for verifying liner integrity around the globe. Reliable results arise from our 23 years of experience and our understanding of the inherent sensitivities of protective geomembrane liners.

SENSOR DDS® is our trademark for the family of monitoring and testing systems created by Sensor to detect and locate leaks. The available systems are split into two broad sub-categories, FIXED and MOBILE.

Further sub-divisions exist with each solution providing its own benefits and each having been developed for use in specific situations.

Sensor DDS family tree of electronic geomembrane leak detection systems

What causes damage?

Analysis of the data we gather shows us when, where and how damage is likely to occur to geomembranes, as well as the physical causes of damage. For example, we know that statistically, 71% of damage is caused by stones and 16% is as a result of mechanical plant such as excavators and dumpers.

In addition we can also state with the authority of our 17,000,000 square metre track record, that the vast majority of holes are small, between 0.5mm to 20mm diameter.

Finally we have learnt that damage mainly occurs in open flat areas rather than at the edges or at the welds.

Bow Tie Analysis of Geomembrane Failure

The reason why weld damage has such a low incidence is because so much effort is now concentrated there by the implementation of installer QC methods. This has now made the unchecked mid-sheet areas the most vulnerable part of an installation.

Each SENSOR DDS® system lends itself to capturing damage at different stages of the construction programme and then on into a geomembrane's service life. The liner should be tested at each key stage during construction, when it can be certified intact and then monitored for ongoing integrity throughout its designed lifespan.

Benefits of testing and monitoring geomembrane liners with Sensor DDS® technology are characterised by the following images:

Without testing:

Geomembrane replacement

With Sensor Testing:

Geomembrane repair