Geomembrane Leak Detection - Waste Industry Application


Leak detection for landfill sites

Waste and Industrial Applications for Sensor DDS® Electronic Leak Detection Systems

  • Hazardous product storage (chemicals, fertilisers etc)
  • Hazardous waste storage (liquids and solids)
  • Temporary waste storage for incineration and micro electricity production
  • Landfill lining
  • Landfill capping
  • Leachate lagoons
  • Landfill remediation
  • Anaerobic digesters

Please CLICK HERE to see the Sensor DDS® technical solutions applicable to the waste industry.

dds sensors installed for monitoring leakage from landfill sites Landfill base with electronic leak detection and location system Geomembrane leak detection on a land fill site in an unusual location Sensor DDS CMS electronic leak detection system for realtime monitoring of leaks from landfill sites Anerobic digester with electronic leak monitoring under construction